10 Tips For Cleaning Wood Flooring

10 Tips For Cleaning Wood Flooring

10 Tips For Cleaning Wood Flooring

1. Twice a week brush and sweep the floor – Using a fine brush or dust mop sweep the entire surface twice a week. Sand, grit and dirt can be hard to remove if allowed to accumulate over time. Brushing the floor at least twice a week will prevent the build up of dirt

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2. You may use a vacuum cleaner – But…. if using a vacuum cleaner to collect dust use a soft attachment otherwise you can damage the floor by leaving tiny marks and scratches.

3. Use a damp mop – Water can damage the wood so never-ever soak the floor in water as if it was laminate or stone. Use a damp mop using warm water. All wood flooring products will react well to this process even if the floor’s manufacturer is recommending further steps.

4. Add wood flooring cleaner to the mix – Once a month we recommend that you add a dedicated wood flooring solution to warm water. These solutions are specifically formulated for water resistant floors and are PH natural.

5. Think twice before using vinegar – It is true that vinegar can be used to clean wood flooring, however you should follow best practices and manufacturer recommendations if you are unsure how your precise floor will react to the vinegar.

6. Quickly clean spills, stains and foot tracks – The longer these are allowed to be left on the surface, the harder you will find it to remove them.

7. Avoid pressure stains – Heavy objects that come into contact with the floor leave these marks. The most common are TV stands, tables and chairs. You should place furniture pads or an area rug underneath each item.

8. Install floor mats – When placed at the various entrances to the room, welcome mats are fantastic for collecting dirt and sand thereby making sweeping the floor easier.

9. Consider leaving shoes at the door – Shoes can track dirt and sand onto the floor and when you walk on the floor that dirt acts like sandpaper. Of course this tip is less feasible in commercial properties.

10. Use professionals – From time to time consider using a professional cleaning service. Their level of expertise and use of dedicated cleaning procedures will achieve a more thorough result.

Article by Wood and Beyond. Wood flooring vendors based in London who offer engineered wood flooring as well as solid floors.

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