Decent Cleaning has a Health and Safety Policy and all employees have a duty of care of their own safety, that of colleagues and anybody using Decent Cleaning services. This is a brief information of our extensive Health and Safety Policy for our company.

  • Management staff together with appointed Health and Safety representative will provide adequate training and instruction in relation with risks arising from work activities.
  • Management team will consult with our employees on matters that could affect their Health and Safety.
  • Management team will provide full COSHH training to all our personnel and ensure that our operatives understand safe handling and use of cleaning substances.
  • Management team will provide protective clothing free of charge to our employees.
  • Management staff will ensure all employees are competent to do their tasks and to give them adequate training and supervision.
  • Work sites should be formally checked for physical dangers, including kitchens and toilets as well as main work areas.
  • When going to a new client, all staff should report to the office about their well-being shortly from getting to new premises.
  • Staff working off site should wear Decent Cleaning clothing provided free of charge by the company.
  • All staff should know at least two escape routes from their work sites.
  • All work sites should have clear escape routes & signs and they should be unobstructed.
  • All work sites should have access to first aid equipment.
  • All operatives must co-operate with Management team and Health and Safety representative and report whenever working conditions are changed.
  • All operatives must avoid manual handling operations that could be hazarduos to their health or others around them.
  • All staff must correctly use work items in accordance with training and instructions.

Our Health and Safety representative and Management will ensure that overall reviews are carried out annually, and whenever an event involving more then fifty people is organized, and whenever working conditions are significantly changed. Decent Cleaning complies with COSHH (Control of Substances Hazardous to Health) and all our personnel is provided with suitable information, instruction and training about :-

  • The nature of the substances they work with or are exposed to
  • The risks created by exposure to those substances
  • The precautions they should take

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The internal training Decent Cleaning provides to all our staff sufficient information and instruction on :-

  • The use of any personal protective equipment
  • Results of any exposure monitoring or health surveillance

This will help to reduce the number of accidents at work attributed to hazardous substances labelled corrosive, irritant, harmful, toxic, oxidising, flammable, etc.. making it easy to avoid accidents, ingestion, inhalation, burns, etc.

We have put in place a generic Risk Assessment and all our staff is aware of Health and Safety regulations to ensure all work is carried out without taking any unnecessary risks. To ensure our cleaning health and safety policy is observed the Company requires the co-operation of all its employees. All employees have a legal responsibility and duty to take reasonable care to ensure their own safety and that of their colleagues and persons whom may be affected by their activities.