Domestic Cleaners?

Decent Cleaning offer regular full trained, vetted, reliable and insured cleaners at very competitive rates surround Cambridge areas.

Office Cleaners?

A professionally planned and tailoring office cleaning contract frees today's professional managers and staff to manage their business.

Moving Out?

Our Pre/End of Tenancy cleaning is carried out by our staff whose specialty are properties in need of a thorough deep clean.

  • What type of service do you offer? +

    We offer a regular daily and weekly cleaning services for domestic and commercial clients, our services can be tailored to suit your own needs and requirements. We also offer professional Pre/End of Tenancy cleaning service excluding steam carpets cleaning. We offer students turnaround accommodation cleaning in Cambridge, serviced apartment cleaning in Cambridge. We DO NOT offer One-off cleaning, Spring cleans, Builders cleans, Partial cleaning or Carpet cleaning services.

  • What is minimum hours per week? +

    Two hours per week for domestic clients with no maximum. However, it depend on the size of the property and mostly the tasks requires to be carried out on daily/weekly basis. For commercial clients our minimum visit is a 4 hours per week

  • Are the cleaners and company insured? +

    We are fully insured and holding all legal insurances. The insurance is in place for accidental damage to your property or injury to the cleaner when working in a client’s home & business. Public lialibility cover £1,000,000, Please note the insurance is subject to £250 excess, so it isn’t for small breakages.


  • How do you check your cleaners are honest and reliable? +

    All candidates apply to join our team for both domestic and commercial cleaning positions must provide work references, proof of identity and proof of address. References are always verified for authenticity and we carried out DBS check when is necessary. A lot of work goes into checking out the cleaners before they are even given a client’s details.

  • How much rate per hour for regular cleaning? +

    Our regular domestic cleaning rate start from £14.00 inclusive per hour in Cambridge. In most of other villages surrounding the city our rate start from £15.00 per hour inclusive. However, for suburbs areas contact us first so we can check our cleaners availability to your local area. Please note: These hourly rates are excluded: One-off commercial cleaning, Pre/End of Tenancy cleaning, and regular commercial cleaning of which we quote separately.

  • Do you supply equipment and cleaning material? +

    Not for domestic clients. Most clients are preferred this way. It not only keeps down the cost to the client but also ensures that our cleaners use the products that you prefer to be used in your home. Also, as our majority cleaners travel on foot, bikes or by public transport they are unable to provide any cleaning equipment. As such, we require all our domestic clients to provide a vacuum, mop & bucket. We advise clients to ensure you have the following good cleaning products, materials and tools prior to cleaner visit:

    • Rubber gloves
    • Limescale remover
    • Kitchen cleaner (with or without breach)
    • Bathroom cleaner
    • Floor cleaner
    • Glass cleaner
    • Dust cleaner
    • Clean sponges and cloths (washed after each use)
    • Microfibre cloths (washed after each use)

    Note: we supply equipment and cleaning materials for commercial cleans and Pre/End of Tenancy cleans, in which we quote separately.

  • How long do I have to sign a contract for? +

    For domestic clients our contract is a three-month term minimum. Thereafter the contract is continue on monthly basis, for commercial cleaning the contracts are designed to suit clients requirements.

  • How soon can a cleaner start or book a service? +

    Normally within a week depending on your requirements and which day of the week you would like a cleaner to visit you. For Pre/End of Tenancy cleaning and Commercial cleans we need to check availability before booking the job. We DO NOT offer One-Off cleans or Spring Cleans services for domestic customers.

  • Can I have a cleaner once a fortnight? +

    No. We only offer daily or weekly cleaning services. Most cleaners are looking for a regular income each week, and as good cleaners are in high demand they prefer to work for clients that want them on a daily or weekly basis.

  • Do I need to pay service fee in advance? +

    Yes, domestic clients paid company admin fee monthly instead of quarterly in advance by Standing Order, as with most service providers a cost is payable in advance. We'll need your valid email address to send you the first invoice,  which should be paid immediately after booking a cleaner using online banking method. Once a cleaner has been retained by the client, we will forward the Standing Order mandate for future payments to the client's bank. Our commercial clients paid monthly in advance or after they have receive invoice on the date agreed.

  • Can I pay your company fees by cheque rather than Standing order? +

    Sorry, I’m afraid this is the only method of payment we accept for domestic clients. All our domestic clients pay by Standing Order and to make exceptions would create administrative problems and more cost.

  • Do your charges change for different sized properties? +

    Yes, we have different service costs based upon property size and the level of cleaning required. Larger properties and dirtier houses require more time to clean and use more materials than standard sized properties. While our standard quote is a fair estimate of the Pre/End of Tenancy cleaning cost, we request you to provide as much information as possible about your home/business and what you require cleaning for our company to provide an accurate quote.

  • How do I pay for Pre/End of Tenancy cleaning services? +

    Payment must be made immediately upon completion of the work in cash to cleaners before they leave the property or paid in advance into our company bank account prior to the booking day. Alternative client may choose to pay using instant online banking facility. Once the payment is cleared we will go ahead and provide the service. We will provide you an invoice receipt if you prefer to pay using either way. Please note: WE DO NOT accept personal cheques or any other means of payments. However, this does not apply for our business customers.

  • How is the cleaner paid? +

    All domestic clients pay the cleaner the applicable rate in cash on the day they clean. Business clients pay electronically using BACS or Standing Order direct to our business bank account. All our cleaners assigned to commercial clients are employed direct by our company.

  • Can I pay my cleaner by cheque? +

    No, most domestic cleaners rely on being paid by cash on the day they clean for you. However, this does not apply for commercial clients as all commercial/end of tenancy cleaners employed direct by us.

  • What happens about your company fees if for any reason I miss a clean? +

    If this should happen let the agency know straight away so we will send a cleaner to cover your regular cleaner. In case if we are unable to provide a backup cleaner then we will refund the appropriate amount by return of post.

  • Can I get refund if I don't use a cleaner? +

    We allocate cleaners time to clients and cover all our clients with our Public Liability Insurance. Since we can't use a cleaner for any other client the company fee is still payable for any time you may choose not to have a cleaner in. Nevertheless a cleaner is only paid for the hours actually worked.

  • Will my cleaner come on a Saturday? +

    No, most cleaners only want to work Monday to Friday and our office is closed on Saturday's & Sunday's, therefore if a problem arose at this time nobody would be available to deal with it.

  • Can the cleaner come in more than once a week? +

    The cleaner will come as many days a week as you require, but it must be for a minimum of two hours each time for domestic cleaning. It’s not fair to expect a cleaner to travel to and from your home for just one hour’s work. However, this does not apply for our commercial clients.

  • What is a cleaner can't do? +

    Our regular cleaners cannot offer deep cleaning of any kind. This includes any steam cleaning, carpet cleaning, mould removal or upholstery cleaning. In addition, Our regular cleaners can't do One-off cleaning or any after-build cleans. We do however offer a professional guaranteed end of tenancy cleans using specialist team. For Health and Safety reasons, your regular cleaner does not offer the following services:

    • Lifting items over 12kgs
    • Dusting and vacuuming of surfaces outside of normal reach
    • Cleaning pet messes and heavily soiled areas
    • Cleaning of mould and biohazardous material
    • Deep stain removal
    • Cleaning of garden and landscaping
    • Cleaning of balcony
    • Cleaning outside of windows
    • Garages and patios
    • Extermination insects, etc


  • What should I do if the cleaner fails to turn up? +


    Whilst every effort is made checking cleaners references for reliability, to ensure you get a cleaner that won’t let you down, there is always a possibility that this may happen. Cleaners get sick like everyone else or their children get sick and they have to take them to the doctors, whatever the problem is they should let you and the company know. Unfortunately sometimes they don’t, if this should happen, phone the company straight away and we will try to make alternative arrangements for you.

  • Does the same cleaner come every week? +

    As long as you are happy with the cleaner we send you they will be with you every week. A replacement cleaner is only used if your regular cleaner is sick, leaves the company, or you become dissatisfied with them.

  • Will the cleaner come on the same day each week? +

    Yes they will, but if you need to change your regular day you should speak to your cleaner to make sure they are available on that day. Friday is a particular busy day, so try to avoid a change to a Friday if possible.

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